Welcome to Northeast Gal.

I am a Northeast Gal and I have a feeling I am far from the only one. I find myself constantly inspired by the surroundings of New England and lost in the simple wonders of this Earth. Every moment, no matter how small, every conversation, no matter how short, holds a piece of life that can breach the depths of an ocean. I am a young, old soul navigating through these types of moments. I am learning to know myself, embracing each day, and finding some simple lessons along the way. Once upon a time, I read something that made it so clear life can be sacred or silly. Black and white is much too rigid – what to do with all those grays? But sacred and silly – that’s a perspective I can share. Anyways, if you can find a life lesson in a few sentences, enjoy a nice glass of wine, and all those sacred and silly moments life holds – please explore with me.

Always blissed and blessed,

Northeast Gal