Saturday on the Cliffs

The Cliff House has always been a source of relaxation and refuge from a bitterly cold winter’s day or the hustle and bustle of a Maine summer. I am fortunate to have shared many special experiences here with those I love. Despite it’s modest name, The Cliff House is anything but a “house”. Recently renovated, the resort boasts a relaxing spa, two restaurants, luxurious lounges, and all of the amenities one could dream. Did I mention that the entire resort is indeed situated right on the cliffs of Southern Maine with breathtaking views of the Atlantic? What a focal point!

So, this winter to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do something special. I am a simple gal and just wanted an afternoon and evening of a few special moments to celebrate life and love. We made a “short” drive to Maine and flirted with all of the winds and turns of Shore Road – the driveway to the Cliff House makes it feel like you’re heading miles from the road to a place only a few are lucky enough to indulge in. An ice bar was set up outside and I am reminded that only in New England are people willing to brave the cold for a craft cocktail perfectly chilled through an ice luge before hitting a 1920’s inspired cocktail glass – even if it was plastic. We sipped our drinks thankful for a dinner reservation inside. Walking through the front doors of the main hotel feels like one of those movie moments – people are bustling, the views are sprawling, and the sound of glasses clinking, fire crackling, and music humming can all be heard just a few steps away.

We settled into a cozy table for two right next to the window and a perfect spot to take in a spontaneous fireworks show. As the fireworks danced and whirled above us, my husband and I cheers’ed to a new adventure with a sazerac and a Maine-version of a Tom Collins. On the menu – oysters with pickled blueberries and champagne vinaigrette, scallops, salmon, and creme brulee. Every course was savored and enjoyed. As the courses came and went, the sounds of a guitar lightly playing could be heard a little bit louder and a little bit louder. The undeniable melody of My Girl circulated the restaurant and I knew we couldn’t leave just yet. As luck would have it with the end of an evening brought a more intimate group together in the lounge near a beautiful stone fireplace. We chose a seat a little farther away so conversation could continue, but as more and more familiar melodies strummed I found myself in utter bliss – eyes closed, humming along to the songs, with an espresso martini in hand. It was a quintessential Maine evening shared with my husband and a reminder of the sacred moments you can find in what looks like just another adventure.

cliff house ice bar

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